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Development Kit, Reaction Wheels, On-Board Computer and Complete Satellite Systems

Starter Kit for flexible UNISEC bus

The UNISEC bus provides the basis for an efficient, modular pico-satellite realization. For own development of payload or satellites, the Starter Kit provides all necessary interfaces to computers and to test equipment. After launch, this kit serves as EGSE and thus supports the full satellite lifecycle.

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3 Axis Attitude Control

The S4 developed 3 axis attitude control system uses redundant reaction wheels with specially developed control algorithms to operate at low power consumption. Thus at resources of a pico-satellite, a miniature precision 3-axis attitude control system is realized.

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Robust On-Board Data Handling Unit

The new concept of radiation protection by software, using advanced FDIR and redundancy approaches, proved very reliable performance in orbit. Despite only use of commercial chips, it handles polar LEO radiation (more than 5 years without any interruption of service). The OBDH comes with standard UNISEC bus electrical interfaces for easy satellite integration.

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Satellite systems

S4 delivers satellite systems tailored to the needs of our customers to accommodate appropriate-ly their payloads and instruments at a minimum mass for best cost efficiency. Our standard CubeSats cover different sizes according to payload needs. Typical masses are between 1 kg and 20 kg.

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