S4 receives contract for innovative communication satellite LoLaSat from ESA


L,R - The LoLaSat satellite operates in an orbit in the Thermosphere to realize communication with minimum signal propagation delays, The vision of future „LoLaSat“ formations of small satellites, complementing traditional satellites, to support crucial real-time performance applications such as autonomous driving, control of drones for transports, and emergency response in a cost-efficient way.

LoLaSat: The Pioneer in satellite communication with minimum signal propagation delay.

In data transfers often delays of fractions of a second play a key role, by example in safe autonomous driving of networked cars or transport drones, but also in a broad spectrum of applications ranging from emergency support actions over on-line gaming to high frequency trading of shares. Advantage of 5G-telecommunication via satellite is the coverage of large areas. Traditional geostationary satellites in 36.000 km altitude exhibit the disadvantage of significant signal propagation delay due to the huge distances. Here LoLaSat (Low Latency communication Satellite) orbits the Earth surface much closer at around 300 km altitude.

The European Space Agency ESA issued the contract for LoLaSat after an European-wide competition to develop the ambitious key technologies for a telecommunication satellite in Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO). To take advantage of VLEO, the innovative start-up company S4 – Smart Small Satellite Systems GmbH as prime contractor will develop technology concepts for the challenges of the remaining thin atmosphere. While Elon Musk placed up to now already more than 1800 Starlink satellites in orbits at 550 km altitude, the plans in several years are to send in phase 3 of Starlink thousands of satellites in VLEO at about 320 km altitude to improve real-time performance.

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